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Mon Nov 28 2022 10:21:48 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
| By Andy Blane
Tis the season to put up the lights!
I live in the neighborhood we always wanted, with everything that goes with it, you know? It’s that time of year when the kids are bouncing off the walls counting days. My wife is busy baking and I’m supposed to get out on the roof and put up the Christmas lights.
Everyone on our block loves Christmas. And every house has its lights up in time for December 1st.
I’m in for a good Christmas light-up as much as the next guy. I like tons of bright lights everywhere, the kind of display that stands out and makes the cars slow down when they pass our place. But then, I have to be the one who’s out there in the freezing weather on the roof with the tangled light strings.
So it goes from HoHoHo to Bah Humbug.
The Hard Facts About Christmas
Within the last decade, 134,281 people in the US were sent to the E.R. because of Christmas decorations.
Professional lights installations for a typical 2-story home can cost a whopping $600 to $1500 and up.
Holiday spending in the US is projected to register the largest single-year hike on record, including lights that are constantly replaced and other disposable decorations.
Did you know that 1 in 10 Americans forget to take down their Christmas lights, or can’t be bothered to do it when the season is over?
Who wants to struggle with tangled strings of broken and mismatched bulbs? Not me. Who wants to spend a fortune buying string after string of outdated lights that short-out?
Every year, I drag up the HUGE bins and spend hours untangling the mess. Then one light blows and the whole string dies out.
I find myself buying more and more lights. But the store carries different stuff each year and they never have the right ones to match. My house ends up like a hodgepodge of Christmas past.
More than anything—I hate going up the ladder onto the slick winter roof taking my life in my hands, my wife yelling, “CAREFUL!”
Only to have to go up there again to take them all down a few weeks later. And I’m back at finding the storage space for those huge Christmas bins again, filled with lights.
Who’s the Scrooge? Not me
There’s no chance I’m going to be the only guy on the block who doesn’t have lights. Besides, it can be fun getting caught up in the spirit of Christmas. And it gets competitive with my neighbors, in a GOOD way.
But there had to be a better system. Technology keeps on improving, so what’s the FUTURE of Christmas lights?
My buddy was the one who filled me in: He hasn’t hauled out a ladder in December since he got his Star Shower Ultra 9.
I ordered my own Star Shower Ultra 9, and thanks to their fast-shipping deal, a few days later, I was already trying it out!
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A Shower of Brilliant Lights!
I watched my neighbors struggle all weekend putting up their string lights. Then on Sunday night I walked out with my Star Shower Ultra 9.
Two minutes later, my house looked so great they were all coming over and asking me how I’d done it.
I dazzled them with a festive shower of thousands of bright red and green lights. The cars started slowing to a crawl as they passed our place.
Then we broke out the eggnog and fired up a dance party. With our spectacular laser lights, we threw the best holiday bash on the block!
Star Shower Ultra 9 is the ultimate portable, compact laser light system. The best part is how EASY it is. Plug it in, turn it on, and your home is instantly transformed from dark and dull to a brilliant galaxy of festive lights.
9 Mind-Boggling Light and Motion Patterns
Switch up your Christmas style nightly! You’ll get 9 unique patterns at the press of a button. The red and green lights blink and move or change color on command.
Set up two or more Star Shower Ultra 9 systems for the most spectacular results! You won’t believe how crisp and bright these lights are until you see them.
This is such an easy-to-use, powerful and compact machine. Everyone comments on the instant effect.
But the best part? It’s not even expensive!
One easy online order saves hours of time and tons of money each year. You’ll have thousands of Christmas lights for years to come with one lightweight and portable Star Shower Ultra 9 ready to use right out of the box.
Laser Lights Projector – the source of thousands of shiny bright lights that cover up to 3200 ft2
9 Pattern Toggle – choose from 9 exciting light patterns and 3 color combinations
Easy Insert Peg – stake it into the ground outside or set it in a heavy jar or vase for indoor lights
Smokescreen Green – blends easily with surroundings so you notice the lights, not the device
Lightweight and Portable – take it anywhere and easily relocate to switch up your display
Manual Tilt – adjust the angle to dazzle your target tree, shrub, or house
THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: Wouldn’t You Say It Works?
I feel like Clark Griswald! And I’m a Christmas Superhero to my kids.
Dads of the world suspected there had to be a better way to do Christmas. Star Shower Ultra 9 is the future of Christmas lights.
But I’d grab it now because the holidays are coming fast and supply is running out.
Spectacular bright lights—dance and splash way up high, where string lights could never reach.
Intense laser system—dazzle drab walls, shrubberies, trees, and pathways. You’ll never feel more festive!
Say goodbye to burned-out bulbs—no more tangled cords, no dangerous ladders, no wasted storage space.
Instant results—go from dark and dull to brilliant and colorful at the press of a button, virtually no set up required.
Decorate up to 3,200 ft2—with 9 unique patterns and still or motion modes plus 3 red and green color combinations.
Conclusion: It’s a no-brainer! Get Star Shower Ultra 9 Today
You’ll be the smartest guy on the block too with the best holiday lights! It’s one easy order and fast shipping, plus an incredible 23% OFF discount if you get Star Shower Ultra 9 today.
They’ve gone viral on TikTok and gained amazing online reviews. Star Shower Ultra 9 is supplied directly from a trusted, US-based company with over 100 million satisfied customers.
Act now so you can get Star Shower Ultra 9 in time for the holiday season. I’ve never come across a better system at a better value. Right now, for a limited time only, you can get your Star Shower Ultra 9 direct from the supplier at a HUGE 23% DISCOUNT—that's only $29.99 USD!
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How Do I Make Sure I Get the Authentic Star Shower Ultra 9?
The 2022 Star Shower Ultra 9 model is the newest, most innovative way to shower your home in thousands of brilliant, shining laser lights and create a winter wonderland of color.
It’s only available through the official website. This is where you know you’re getting the real deal at an incredible discount, direct from the supplier.
  • Outdoors: All you do is press the stake in the ground and aim the projector. Thousands of bright red and green lights will shower your home. Indoors: put the stake in a heavy jar or a plant pot and aim the projector at your wall or ceiling for an exciting laser lights show!
  • Easy! Plug it into a regular two-prong outlet.
  • You get to choose between red, green, or a combination of red and green lights with 9 distinct patterns of still or motion-filled displays.
  • One unit covers up to 3200 square feet with festive Christmas lights. If you want to create your most spectacular lights display yet, try using two, four, six, or more Star Shower Ultra 9 systems! Create an intense effect with thousands & thousands of laser lights indoors and out!
The Most Wanted Holiday Sensation Goes Viral on TikTok
“From Grinch to Griswald”
I kept telling the kids I don’t hate Christmas. I love the holiday with friends and family. But the insane time it takes to put up a mess of lights and cords is what I can do without. Now, for one low price and a fast order I have the easy solution for every year. My house is the one with the lights they all stop and gaze at now.
Steve G. | Hurstbourne, KY.
Mon Nov 28 2022 14:04:54 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
“The Future of Lighting”
I’m an electrician and I bought Star Shower Ultra 9. Then I bought 5 more! This is the fastest, easiest way to set up lights ever invented. I go on ladders all the time for work and if you don’t know what you’re doing up there, you’re going to get hurt. These bright crisp laser lights look way better than the old way and couldn’t be simpler.
Roy E. | Ford City, PA.
Mon Nov 28 2022 14:04:54 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
“Space Saving Solution”
I had 7 big boxes of outdoor lights and decorations. I was running out of places to put them and hated dragging them up from storage every year. Throwing out my back just in time for Christmas. Star Shower Ultra 9 takes no time to set up and almost no wasted space. I got rid of all the old junk and replaced it with this incredible laser lights system. The neighbors can’t stop asking about my awesome lights!
Jim J. | Sandpoint, ID.
Mon Nov 28 2022 14:04:54 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Verified Purchase
As of
Mon Nov 28 2022 14:04:54 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
– Due to supply chain issues, Star Shower Ultra 9 has sold out 3x over the past year. The current supply is flying off the shelf! Get yours with 23% OFF + FAST SHIPPING before it's too late.
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